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windows no device drivers were found

Hello there;

I wanted to share the solution of this mistake that took exactly 1 day. The problem is moving in the following way;

You want to format the virus or windows as a result of crashing, and the formatting does not show any drivers either, it is not selected, or it is selected but it is not progressing. We get the error that no devices were found in all of them. In some cases this error occurs during installation or the installation can not be completed due to this error. If the solutions come in order.

Problem 1 - No device driver found - it does not appear in the drivers.
Solution 1- This is the most troublesome one. The drivers to be loaded can not find the CD, can not find it on your computer, or can not. Directly returns this error. The first thing you will want to try is to select IDE drivers for the flash disk or another CD and IDE SATA drivers for the motherboard, and click Browse on the driver not found screen. After that you will show your diskiniz and continue with normal form. If you are still not installing try different versions of windows ultimate, professional and vesaire ...

Problem 2 - No device driver found - I can see drivers I can click on the forward button but it does not work
Solution 2- This is the easiest. Do not select the driver and press the forward button. Select the drive and press the enter button :) Yes interesting but this problem is solved this way.

Problem 3 - No device driver found - I see the driver, I select it, I am moving, but I get an error during the installation phase.
Solution 3- In this case the solution is to change the IDE settings from the BIOS. Try reinstalling each of the other settings. The problem is often solved when AHCI is selected.

I hope solutions working. Good luck all.

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